SensoryTool did not happen by chance; it has been thoughtfully considered in the wake of encountering the challenges that we as parents have faced in bringing up our son who is the sparkle of our eyes and is one of God’s special child who is Autistic.

SensoryTool is devoted towards building a pathway to independence for people with Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, Learning difficulties and disabilities, Behavioral and other Developmental issues through the use of globally acknowledged products required by them to enable them lead a comfortable life. Our objective is to give individuals in INDIA with special needs the power to acclimate themselves and develop to their fullest potential.

SensoryTool is a solution for families in India battling to obtain internationally researched therapy items, aids, toys, supplements and supplies required for the voyage through the challenge at a moderate cost.

Our objective is to convey things and health helps for families in need, at a rational value and to ensure its availability right across the country through our friendly website.

There are far too many families struggling to find and get what is needed to help their children reach their fullest growth potential. We are here to bridge the GAP!